Valassis believes that users should have choices about the collection and use of their browsing habits for online advertising purposes. For that reason, we offer users the ability to opt out of the use of their online behavior to select ads. If you would like to opt out, click the "Opt Out Now" button below. Please note that most major third-party online advertising companies have agreed to provide an opt-out mechanism for their ad cookies. For more information, and to opt out from other DAA member companies, please visit

What happens if I choose to opt out?

The system will assign you a cookie with the following "value": mxpim=optout. When your browser has this cookie, Valassis' systems will know that you have opted out and will not attempt to target ads based on your online browsing activities.

Reminders: If you erase or alter your browser's cookie file (including updating certain browsers) you may need to opt out again. Opting out does not mean that you will stop seeing pop-up advertising or banner ads embedded in websites.

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