Feldman Automotive Group Drives Dealership Sales With Valassis Chatbot

Published Monday, Jul 17, 2017

Feldman Automotive Group Drives Dealership Sales With Valassis Chatbot

Detroit-based Businesses Join to Qualify In-market Leads, Generating Approximately 50 Vehicle Sales per Month

LIVONIA, Mich., July 17, 2017: Valassis, a leader in intelligent media delivery, has developed a new chatbot, helping Detroit-based Feldman Automotive Group drive vehicle sales, while boosting click-through rates that exceed the auto industry average.

Valassis, along with SMART (Strategic Marketing and Research Team), created a new chatbot for Feldman to reach untapped, in-market leads and increase consumer engagement, dealership traffic and sales. The Valassis automotive chatbot targets potential car shoppers within a specific geographic radius of several Feldman brick-and-mortar dealership locations through an advertisement on Facebook’s Newsfeed. Once activated, the bot engages interested consumers through a Facebook Messenger conversation.

After effectively incorporating Valassis’ chatbot into their sales strategy, over a multi-month pilot, Feldman was able to reach nearly 100,000 people and convert approximately 50 vehicle sales each month, directly linked back to chatbot engagements. During the pilot, click-through rates ranged from 4.5 – 5 percent; nearly double the auto industry average.

Valassis’ chatbot provides 24-hour online assistance for Feldman’s customers and is specifically designed to converse in vocabulary used during the automobile sales process. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to determine which consumers are in-market and subsequently qualifies and forwards leads to the dealership’s sales team.

“We’ve seen huge engagement with Valassis’ chatbot,” said Al Gillespie, ecommerce director, Feldman Automotive Group. “Consumers want to be in control of as much of the shopping process as possible and the bot enhances their experience. We know consumers do 90 percent of their research online before setting foot in a dealership. The bot serves the customer efficiently by asking questions before they come in, then provides them with information quickly and easily in real-time. When they walk through the doors they’re ready to make a purchase right away. Valassis’ chatbot also supports the high brand standards we have built here at Feldman.”

“The wave of innovation in artificial intelligence has brought chatbots to the forefront and we have only scratched the surface in terms of how chatbots can enhance the consumer experience and improve business processes,” said Cali Tran, president, Valassis Digital. “Our chatbot is designed to drive authentic, transparent engagement for Feldman’s customers – generate leads and ultimately bring interested shoppers into dealerships. We are excited about our early success and continue to look for innovative ways to improve the consumer experience. Bot development, mobile solutions and our large omni-channel media network with our sister company, RetailMeNot, supports Valassis as truly leading intelligent media delivery.”

To learn more about the Feldman Automotive Group/Valassis’ chatbot, click here.

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