In-Store Glossary

1-D Bar Code A one-dimensional representation of data, such as a UPC (universal product code).
2-D Bar Code A two-dimensional representation of data in a geometric pattern that is easy for mobile-phone cameras to read.
Above-The-Line Advertising Any form of advertising for which a commision or fee is paid to a recognized advertising agency operating on behalf of a client. 
ACH Automated Clearing House
Actual Weekly Reach The number of people, confirmed by audit, reached through marketing activity.
ACV All Commodity Volume - The total annual dollar volume in a given geography expressed as a percentage (or share) of the total market for that commodity.
Ad Break Day The day when retailers promote sale items of the week.
Banner The name under which a retail chain operates; the name that appears on the outside of the store.  (ex. Jewel-Osco is a banner of SUPERVALU)
BDI Brand Development Index - measures the relative sales strength of a brand within a specific market
Below-The-Line Advertising Marketing tactics that do not earn a commission for advertising agencies, and therefore are viewed more as pass-through expenses than revenue generators. (ex. P-O-P advertising, direct mail and all types of consumer promotion.  Generally used for driving sales rather than building brands (not "strategic").
Benchmark A performance measurement or standard that future activity can be measured against.
Bin The container at each store location that acts as a toolbox and holds extra hardware, fixtures, adapters and other components for tactic placement at shelf.
Bottle Hanger See Neck Hanger
Brand The trademarked name of a product or group of products
Brand Block Merchandising practice in which all of the brand's SKUs are stocked contiguously on the shelf, thereby creating a de facto billboard.
Brand Equity The value of a brand as defined by consumer attitudes toward its stated attributes, product performance and perceived status.
Cart Advertising Advertising messages delivered on shopping carts, ranging from print attachments to interactive media delivered via wireless video screens.
Catalina Marketing A marketing service operating in numerous supermarket and drugstore chains that ties into the stores POS data to deliver targeted coupons and other promotional offers in conjunction with register receipts.
Category Buy-Out Paying a flat fee to own the category for a specified time period
CBI Cannot Be Installed - Merchandising term for when an in-store sign can not be placed on the shelf.  Reasons could include the advertised product not being on the shelf or the store is being remodeled.
CDI Category Development Index - measures the relative sales strenght of a category within a specific market
Center Store Literally, the large middle portion of a supermarket in which the majority of packaged goods are merchandised.
Co-Marketing Strategic practice in which a retailer and product manufacturer combine their marketing resources and insights to create exclusive, mutually beneficial programs.  It differs from account-specific programs, which typically involve much less involvement from the retailer.
Compliance Verification that an in-store event was executed
Control Store In shopper marketing research, a store in which standard conditions are maintained in order to compare sales and other factors with those from a test store.  Control stores are selected for their similarities to the test stores.
Corporate Store See Banner
CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
Cross-Merchandise The practice of marketing or displaying products from different categories or store departments together to generate incremental purchase or, to a lesser degree, improve the shopper experience.
Custom Distribution A program that distributes in select stores within a banner or regional level in the grocery network.
Custom Format A shape of a tactic that is outside the standard specifications of the current product portfolio.
Customer-Centric A strategy in which store designs and layouts, merchandising activity, product selection and/or marketing initiatives are devoloped to meet the needs of specific consumer groups.
Cycle Promotion period an in-store event runs which is usually in two or four week periods
Dangler A sign or small graphic attached to channels of shelving units with a thin strip of material. Also known as shelf "wobblers" due to their propensity to move with air currents.
Digital Signage A flat-screen digital display. They offer information, advertising copy, animation and/or broadcast-quality content.  The screens are usually programmed and networked from a remote, central location. (synonymous with in-store TV, dynamic signage, digital out-of-home media, and electronic signage)
DSD Direct Store Delivery
Endcap Merchandising space located perpendicular to and at the end of store aisles, used to prominently display products on sale or other special items. (considered prime store real estate)
Endcap Display A singular product display built specifically for placement on a store endcap
EPQ Electronic Pricing Queries
FDM Food/Drug/Mass
FDMx Term used by both Nielsen and Symphony/IRI to denote scanner data and other information that represents the entire Food, Drug and Mass merchant universe except for Walmart, which does not make its data available for syndication.
Front-End The area including and surrounding checkout - upfront, near the entry doors - that attracts high traffic volume and is therefore considered a prime location for secondary merchandising.
FSC Frequent Shopper Card
Fulfillment A process in which a combination of tactics are packaged together (per cycle) and put into a "kit" to be distributed to each store location for installation.
Full Network A program that runs in all stores of every banner and region of the grocery network.
GDM Grocery/Drug/Mass
HBA (HBC) Commonly used abbreviation for "Health and Beauty Aid" - used interchangeably with "Health and Beauty Care."
Header A portion of the DealPOP sign that runs on the outer edge and top of the ad space that calls out a specific message for the CPG brand.
ICM Instant Coupon Machine - an automatic coupon dispenser attached to a retail shelf.
Impulse Purchase Purchases made without prior planning or careful consideration, often triggered by in-store stimuli. The opposite of a planned purchase.
Incremental Lift A measurement of the additional brand items moved due to a promotional event
Independent Stores independently owned but supplied through a central supplier
In-Store Marketing All marketing activity carried out within a store, including tactics such as displays, merchandising, media advertising promotions, sampling and coupons.  Also, any marketing activity designed to drive traffic to stores to make specific purchases.
In-Store Marketing Institute A global association serving the needs of retailers, brands, agencies, P-O-P firms, research organizations and other solution providers along the path to purchase.
IRC Instant Redeemable Coupon - a coupon available within the store that can be redeemed for an immediate purchase. Distribution vehicles include packaging stickers, shelf dispensers, display tearpads and checkout receipts.
Kitting The act of putting in-store marketing materials together, as into kits.
Lenticular A grooved sheet of plastic containing light properties that display different visuals at different light angles, often creating a three-dimensional effect.
Lift See Incremental Lift
Line Extension A product marketed under an existing brand that offers a new flavor, formulation, scent, size or packaging shape to the portfolio.
LMB Last Minute Business
LMC Last Minute Change
Loyalty Card Program The retailer practice of providing discounts and other special offers to regular shoppers.  Participation requires initial registration and continued activation, thereby allowing retailers to track behavior going forward.
Mass Merchant A large-format store carrying a wide variety of popular product categories, typically at discount prices. (ex. Target and Walmart)
National Distribution See Full Network
Neck Hanger A P-O-P material that fits over the neck of a bottle to deliver a marketing message at the shelf. Also called a bottle hanger.
NET National Equivalent Tactic
OLI Outside Looking In - term mainly used for News America clients advertising one-offs with Valassis
OTC "Over The Counter" medications - require no prescription for purchase.
Out for Contract This is the next step after a reservation has been placed.  The Sales Executive will then present a written agreement to the customer, a "contract."
Overage An additional amount of pieces (currently 10%) added to the total print quantity used for samples and replacements.
Pantry Load A common store trip in which the shopper purchases a large number of grocery and general merchandise items to satisfy needs over an extended period of time.  Also called a stock-up trip.
Partial Network A program that runs at a banner or regional level in the grocery network.
Path to Purchase The route that shoppers take from discovery of a product/need to actual purchase of a product.
Perimeter The borders of a store's interior, encompassingthe walls and adjacent areas. In the traditional supermarket format, it is the location for fresh food and service departments such as deli, bakery and meat, and therfore has become a shorthand way of referring to those departments.
PLU Product Look Up - used commonly for deli items
P-O-P Point-Of-Purchase - site of a consumer transaction, most commonly used to denote the retail environment
Private Label A line of products exclusive to a single retail entity whose brand and trade dress is owned by that retailer (as opposed to an exclusive brand).
QR Codes Quick Read Codes - type of 2-D Bar Code
RCD Reservation Closing Date - 100 days prior to cycle start date. Time period when all reservations expire.
Regional Description of independently owned stores that are geographical grouped by location
Replenishment A process in which a tactic is refilled or refreshed, such as a broken/missing sign is re-hung.
RES 1 Represents the client who has first requested to hold a particular category/tactic/cycle.
RES 2 Represents the client who is waiting for the first requester that is currently holding a particular category/tactic/cycle to release that hold.
Shelf Adapter The piece of hardware that is attached to the shelf to hold the sign at the shelf level.
Shelf Talker A small sign affixed to a shelf edge, typically used to highlight temporary promotions, new product introductions or other advertising messages.
Shopper Insights Data-driven learning that leads to an actionable understanding of shopper behavior and purchase influences.
Shopper Marketing The use of strategic insights into the shopper mindset to drive effective marketing and merchandising activity in a specific store environment. 
Shopper-Centric See Customer-Centric
Slotting Manufacturers paying to have their brands on the shelf at the retailer
Substrate The base material upon which printing may occur.  Typical substrates include paper, card stock and some plastics or metal.
Sustainability Briefly, the development of environmentally sound business practices and products.
Tactic Another word for an advertising promotion, any kind of combination of products.
Tearpads Small pads of coupons or product information that can be torn-off as individual sheets. Often attached to displays or shelving near the promoted products.
Test Store A retail outlet used to test new products, marketing concepts or merchandising strategies to gauge their effectiveness.
TPR Temporary Price Reduction
TVC Test Vs Control research studies
UPC Universal Product Code - The unique number assigned to a product for identification purposes, printed on the product's packaging with an accompanying barcode so that it can be optically scanned at checkout to automatically log the sale.
Wholesale Store See Independent
Window A set number of days in which a promotion will run.
Wobbler See Dangler