Creative Optimization Tips - Improve Ad Performance

By: Rex Boatright, Director of Creative Services, Corporate Marketing, Valassis
Published Thursday, Jan 19, 2017

Creative Optimization Tips - Improve Ad Performance

Creative messaging and design are responsible, in part, for your ad’s effectiveness. Based on working for a company with decades of experience in this area, here are some tips on how you can optimize your print and digital creative to improve performance:

1. Use the three-second test: When consumers sort through print ads, they initially look at each for three to ten seconds;

2. Simplify, simplify, simplify: To generate higher ad readership, create stopping power and avoid clutter;

3. Emphasize brand over seasonal themes: The purpose of seasonal themes is to establish promotional relevancy, timing and presence of value, but it’s not the top priority.

Check out this brief: Cheat Sheet – Optimizing Creative for detailed information on the tips above and to see examples of optimized creative.