The Future is Now - Mobile Marketing Channels Extend Your Campaigns from Print to Digital

By: Joe Bilman, Chief Digital Officer, Harland Clarke Holdings
Published Monday, Dec 5, 2016

The Future is Now - Mobile Marketing Channels Extend Your Campaigns from Print to Digital

Myth: The average goldfish can hold a thought for only three seconds (they can actually remember for up to three months).

Fact: The average human attention span has dropped 33 percent since 2000 from 12 seconds to 8 (yes 8) seconds long!

Reason: Us consumers are spending almost three hours a day interacting with digital media on smartphones with 90 percent of our mobile minutes devoted to native apps (Facebook’s App occupying 13 percent of all time spent).

Welcome to the mobile revolution!

Of course this is making it much, much harder for traditional print advertisers to reach their target consumers. But fear not, here are two ways you can extend your campaign from print to mobile:

1. SMS (Short Message Service) Codes
While there is 65 percent smartphone penetration in the United States, nearly 100 percent of all devices on the market are SMS-enabled, making it the mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible.

It’s simple: choose a short code (five to six digits long) and have your consumers text information to opt-in and receive text alerts and offers from your company.

There are two types of short codes:

A Shared Short Code is code you share with another company. Each company using this code chooses a specific keyword for their consumers to text. For example: if Manny’s Mexican and Dave’s Carpet store both used 56713 as their short code, then Manny’s could choose “Taco” and Dave’s could choose “Rug” as their keywords.

A Dedicated Short Code is a fixed code that you purchase for your company only. You can reuse this code over and over again.

Why choose one over another?

One word: cost. With a Shared Short Code, you can share the cost with other companies who use the same code. A Dedicated Short Code is all yours (and much more expensive).

2. Watermarking: Bar Codes
Make every page interactive by embedding a nearly invisible watermark on your printed materials and directing readers to any digital interaction imaginable.
Just assign a URL to each individual watermark and watch as campaign interaction come alive!
When the watermark is scanned on a mobile device, consumers will interact with branded tips and video tutorials. Plus, watermarks can drive users to find store locations, sign up for discounts or even download your brand’s app.
All users need to do is:
1.   Download a watermark reading app (such as the Digimarc app)
2.   Open the app and scan the watermark using your phone’s camera
3.   Enjoy!

Using SMS codes or watermarking within print campaigns are two great options for marketers to bridge the gap between the print and digital world.

And, don’t forget to feed your goldfish – they’ll remember!