Make an Impact – Top Ways Retailers Can Leverage Digital Media

By Megan Poler, Product Marketing Manager, Valassis Digital
Published Monday, Oct 17, 2016

Make an Impact – Top Ways Retailers Can Leverage Digital Media

Consumers are overloaded with information and often overwhelmed with too many choices. They use digital devices as a way to control how and when they access content. While these devices don’t cure decision fatigue, they can help by simplifying the shopping experience and enabling consumers to make smarter buying decisions.

More time is spent with digital media than any other major media in the United States, averaging 5 hours and 43 minutes per day in 2016.1 As the amount of time on digital devices continues to increase, it’s imperative for retailers to create memorable moments throughout the day to drive purchase decisions.

Below are four ways retailers can leverage digital media to capture consumer attention and make the biggest impact:

1. Drive Cross-Device Influence
Nine out of 10 consumers move between multiple devices when making a purchase,2 and in 2016, the majority will be individually identified on all of their affiliated devices.3 To address this, retailers must use cross-device targeting techniques to track the same user across their digital devices – from desktop; to laptop; to tablet; to mobile. Reaching a consumer on all devices with consistent messaging will increase the likelihood of driving response as well as in-store visits.

2. Create Near-Store Impact
When researching on-the-go, shoppers are looking to make a purchase within the hour.4 Localized mobile ads are the best way to engage key prospects when they’re near your store or close to a competitive location. Delivering helpful local content and a strong call to action during these critical decision-making moments will increase the likelihood of conversion and purchase.

3. Motivate Value-Minded Consumers
According to Prosper Insights & Analytics, consumers still rate word-of-mouth and coupons as top influencers on their purchase decisions. More than three in five consumers actively seek out coupons prior to shopping in-store.5 And, consumers often rely on the convenience of their smartphone for savings with 43 percent turning to mobile apps;5 32 percent opting-in to emails from coupon companies;6 and 27 percent visiting a coupon website.6 These statistics clearly demonstrate that it’s important for retailers to integrate promotional savings into their plans to motivate purchases at their store versus the competition.

4. Balance Scale and Precision
Often, retailers want to shoot for the bullseye and make one-to-one connections with top-tier customers or prospects. While they should absolutely strive to reach that precise audience, they should also consider scale7. By finding other consumers that act like top customers, you will open doors to acquiring new customers. For this reason, it’s important to use a combination of precision and scale to make the biggest impact with your digital media.


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