IT- Five Tips on How to Respond to Today’s Higher Demands

By: John Spano, VP Solution Delivery, Valassis
Published Friday, Oct 7, 2016

IT- Five Tips on How to Respond to Today’s Higher Demands

In today’s world of high expectations IT needs to be able to quickly adapt to changing business needs. This means being prepared to meet faster turnarounds, deal with constantly changing technologies, and handle the ins and outs of a user-centric world.

Here are some tips on how to meet and surpass these expectations:

1. Deliver value over features to your customer

Where you used to try to look for a solution to all possible use cases, focus on those that will achieve 80 percent of the business value.  Often, the last 20 percent is very time consuming (and expensive) and is seldom if ever accessed by users.

2. Focus on the minimum viable product

Look to produce the “3 star app” as quickly as possible.  By not releasing an app until it is a “5 star,” you take too long to get to market and are surpassed by competitors. The sooner you’re in the market place, the sooner you’ll get valuable end-user feedback.

3. Iterations- don’t let your app go stale!

Once you have a good, stable 3 star product, take user feedback and push short iterations.  Much like an app on your phone, end users today expect new features and constant refreshes. Users today have very little attention span and will move on to the next app.

4. Have strong business partnerships inside and outside of your organization

Build relationships and confidence by demonstrating integrity and transparency. Make fast, informed decisions. Show innovation and vision; then deliver, deliver, deliver!

5. Motivate your people

Spend money. Reinvest in your company and your people. Top grade your talent.

And… most importantly- have fun!