Be Smart: Meet Consumer Demand for Real-time, Relevant Information

By: Edward Ramsey, VP Marketing Data & Tech Strategy, Valassis and Megan Poler, Product Marketing Manager, Valassis
Published Wednesday, Aug 24, 2016

Be Smart: Meet Consumer Demand for Real-time, Relevant Information

We live in an age where just about any new tech innovation is categorized as smart – smart phones, smart homes, smart TVs, smart watches, etc. Consumer adoption of these gadgets continues to escalate with no slowdown in sight.  

“Smart” products are synonymous with being connected.  But it’s not just about being connected to the internet.  It’s about the information these products provide the user and the interactions they create between consumers and brands – connections that were once unimaginable. In this day and age it’s imperative that marketers reach the right user with the appropriate message at the best time and place during the user’s day.

Consumers Have a Strong Desire to Be Connected

It’s clear that consumers have a profuse attachment to their “smart” devices. In fact:

  • On average, Americans own four digital devices and spend 60 hours a week consuming content across devices1;
  • Smart phone penetration is expected to represent 66.7 percent of the U.S. population by 20182; and
  • U.S. adults are now spending nearly three hours each day on mobile3.

As an example of the importance smart devices play in the lives of consumers today, according to Google’s Consumer Barometer, brand advocates-- a key consumer group within the digital arena-- are almost constantly connected to their devices. This group uses a smart phone throughout the purchase journey from early inspiration, to comparing products, to seeking advice. In-store they utilize their phone to prepare for immediate purchase. They then share product reviews post-purchase.4 The reliance of this group on their devices illustrates the real need for marketers to have a timely and relevant presence at all points along the path to purchase.

“Smart” Data Connects the Physical and Digital World

As time spent on mobile continues to grow, there is a natural increased demand for cross-device targeting.  AdExchanger quoted Mike Juhas, senior director of sales at AdReady, saying, “cross-device strategy should be an integral part of any scalable campaign.”  Cross-device is a much desired capability when delivering digital media these days.

The idea of integrating “smart” data intelligence for targeting purposes can be seen with Valassis Apio™. The methodology allows greater precision, relevance and scale in targeting for digital ad campaigns to help make relevant connections for consumers between the physical and digital world. Infusing mobile location and online behavioral data with demographic, transactional and other intelligence, enables better prediction of consumer behavior, delivering consumers more relevant deals. Ultimately, this equates to an ability to build holistic audience segments and create smart, consistent connections with consumers.

In Short – Be Smart

In the end, there is a wealth of information to gain about the consumer based on their daily interactions on smart devices. Understanding people and their real-world path to purchase is the true key to delivering relevant and valuable content across devices to ensure we reach them anytime; anywhere.

Be smart. Connect to your consumers. And get to know them well to drive activation.