First Impressions Count: Make Display Advertising Creative Impactful

By: Cindy Soremekun, Vice President, Display Product Management, Valassis Digital
Published Friday, Aug 19, 2016

First Impressions Count: Make Display Advertising Creative Impactful

Did you know more than half of advertising's impact comes from the quality of the creative? 1

Reaching the right audience can only do so much. First impressions matter, so creative needs to resonate with, and engage the consumer. Compelling, data-driven, adaptive creative is key to consumer activation.  Here are three suggestions to create an impactful display ad:

  1. Dynamic Creative: Use data such as time of day, weather, location, context or user intelligence to customize the creative, building relevance with consumers at scale.
  2. Mobile Expandable Rich Media: Use high-impact creative to drive greater engagement and brand favorability on mobile.
  3. Banner Ads: Use a clear product image, concise messaging, and a strong call to action.

Additionally, Flashtalking offers some best practices to keep in mind during the development of your display ad, to capture the consumer’s attention:

Time is of the essence – be quick

  • Time banner animation so it runs fast and ensure a call to action appears immediately
  • Keep video experiences under 15 second
  • Provide loader messages so users with slower connections are aware the content is coming and don't navigate away

Ease of use

  • Clearly define rollover areas and hot spots ensuring they are large and legible
  • Keep all tabs in rollover state accessible

Engage to Activate

  • Give the consumer a reason to engage and rollover with a clear and compelling call to action
  • Provide enough content to keep the user engaged throughout the entire experience
  • Keep it interactive

Be a Brand Ambassador

  • Maintain a company or brand logo in every frame
  • Be complementary to the brand’s existing messaging, voice, tone, look and feel

Drive relevancy

  • A customized, personal creative message will help break through the noise
  • Include the appropriate actions for the platform – for mobile, use “touch” and “tap” instead of “click” and “rollover”

Keep it fresh

  • Launch three to five versions of the ad creative; auto optimize the call to action that performs best to prevent the message from getting stale.

While the focus here is on the creative, successful display advertising campaigns effectively balance creative, targeting and media placement. Be sure to support all three components to fully meet campaign objectives and key performance indicators. Make that first impression a lasting one.

Source: 1 comScore ARS Global Validation Summary