Insights to Help Grocers Drive Sales this Labor Day

By Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis
Published Thursday, Aug 18, 2016

Insights to Help Grocers Drive Sales this Labor Day

With Labor Day right around the corner- September 5, now is a good time to examine how local grocery stores can cater to shopper preferences and win against their competition.

According to research from Prosper Insights & Analytics, barbeques and picnics were the most popular way for consumers to celebrate Labor Day in 2015, with nearly 34 percent spending the holiday in this fashion. While you might assume this bodes well for grocery retailers, discount retailers are actually the winning channel and on the rise. Walmart has been selected as “most often shopped” for summertime shopping and has grown 12 percent over the last year. Local grocers looking to win business this Labor Day should ensure their marketing strategies consider these consumer behaviors and help buck these trends.

With more consumers valuing experience and price, it is critical for grocers to win ‘the last weekend of summer,’ helping customers fuel the experiences of barbeques, picnics and pool parties one last time. By focusing on what drives consumers to choose summertime brands and then providing relevant, personalized offers, grocers can compete with the large discount stores.

When it comes to Labor Day celebrations, grocers have an opportunity to better engage shoppers and compete with big box and discount stores. To capitalize on this timely opportunity, here are a few shopper preferences and expectations grocers can benefit from:

  • Shoppers Want an Assortment of Products - Consumers are looking for brands they trust and more than half cite this as the reason they buy particular summertime products. Taking this into consideration, it is beneficial to offer an assortment of products and brands to meet customers’ diverse needs and tastes.

  • Last-Minute Sales Are Critical - Last-minute picnics mean last-minute deal shopping. With over a third of shoppers buying based on sales, grocers should take advantage of running sales on summer items – especially on endcaps and at the front of stores to encourage timely, impulsive buying.

  • Deals Will Win Shopper Wallets - Nearly 38 percent of shoppers cite price as a reason they buy certain items. In fact, consumers will look for deals and plan their shopping around savings opportunities. This is evidenced with the 77 percent that select stores where they can use coupons.

With this buying behavior in mind, grocers should strategically plan promotional tactics that are timely, without compromising agility, in order to pull shoppers in for “the best” deals in town this Labor Day.