Align Your Seasonal Marketing Tactics with Changing Consumer Shopping Habits

By Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis
Published Friday, Aug 5, 2016

Align Your Seasonal Marketing Tactics with Changing Consumer Shopping Habits

As the back-to-school season quickly approaches, marketers should listen carefully to consumers. They expect deals and start looking for mobile and print offers. They will buy when it’s convenient — not just within traditional timeframes. Simply repeating past advertising tactics might not work. Take these consumer insights into consideration when crafting a seasonal marketing plan:


  • 5 percent of consumers start shopping by April; 7 percent start before June; 12 percent begin in June and 33 percent begin in July
  • Two-thirds of consumers plan to take advantage of deals after school begins and 38 percent will replenish supplies as the year progresses
  • 46 percent of consumers begin researching more than two months prior to the start of school
  • 69 percent of consumers use mobile to research products; 48 percent to buy products; 41 percent to compare prices in-store; and 37 percent to look for coupons while in-store


  • Over 40 percent of consumers start shopping before November
  • Two-thirds of holiday shoppers plan to shop retailers’ after-Christmas sales
  • Pinterest pin volume starts growing 4 ½ months before Christmas

With these insights how do retailers shift their plans to secure seasonal sales?  Increase frequency and integrate print and digital.  Consider this:

  • Reaching mobile users is essential -- mobile commerce for holiday grew 59 percent and desktop e-commerce grew six percent from 2014 – 2015
  • Ad circulars are the number one way consumers plan to keep track of retailers’ holiday promotions
  • Frequency delivers results- -- repeat exposure leads to a decision, which in turn, leads to action

To download the infographic, click here.