Bump Up Your Frequency

By Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis
Published Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016

Bump Up Your Frequency

Frequency seems like common sense, but there are added, specific and urgent reasons for building it across media. Today, you face a more crowded media landscape and less attentive consumer. Consider this:

  1. If your event or promo needs quick action, add frequency in a shorter time period.
  2. If you chose a popular, inundated medium, improve your chance of being seen.
  3. If your product/brand is new or has lower recognition or loyalty, it requires more.
  4. If your competitors are advertising a lot, you need to gain share of voice.
  5. If your message is difficult to understand and mentally process, it bears repeating.
  6. If consumers can easily skip your ad or engagement is low, you need to secure exposure.

Whether your product or service falls into the bucket of ritual, reminder or research, repeat exposure leads to a decision, which in turn, leads to action. Learn more about how you can align frequency of purchase based on the category your product or service falls into. Then, see results.


LINK http://www.valassis.com/resources/infographics/item/160727/bump-up-your-frequency