Questions with David Shim, CEO, Placed

David Shim, CEO, Placed
Published Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016

Questions with David Shim, CEO, Placed

Placed’s core business is connecting ad exposure to store visitation. With over 180+ partners including early adopter Valassis, Placed is a leader in in-store attribution.  This adoption has been largely due to best in class technology, as well as the stance that one cannot sell media and attribution as there is an inherit conflict of interest. 

Q:  Are demographics still a big part of your campaigns? Have you seen any shifts in how marketers use targeting over the last year? 

A:  Metrics like store visits, conversion rates, and lift ultimately define the success of the campaign. With demographics they provide insights into the audience reached and their likelihood to respond to advertising and go into the store.  In the past year, as partners and advertisers move from reporting on performance to optimizing against it, these demographic features come to the spotlight. As an example, if males are 25% more likely to visit a store than a female exposed to that same ad, an advertiser could immediately adjust their targeting to skew more male to capture those performance gains. 

In addition to demographics, it’s important to look at revenue, time to first visit, geography, apps installed, time, device, and path to purchase data. 

Q:  What’s the most surprising result you’ve seen from a location based campaign?

A:  Less surprise, more shift in that advertisers are no longer looking at location and offline attribution as something to test, but as a prerequisite as part of their media buying strategy.  As a part of this shift, advertisers and industry leaders are asking more questions about methodologies, source of the data, privacy, and compatibility. 

Q:  What shifts do you expect to see in the industry in the next two years? 


  1. Ad to in-store attribution becomes as commonplace as 3rd party ad serving (always on). 
  2. Location Based Optimization (LBO) is as popular of a term as SEO and SEM. LBO is the concept of optimizing digital to drive real world consumer behaviors. Seek partners that provide the granularity of reporting that enables in-flight optimization and the ability to programmatically optimize online campaigns to offline actions. 
  3. Attribution extends beyond digital to include other channels. In 2015, Placed announced the first cross device marketplace, which allowed partners to connect desktop impressions to store visits. In 2016, Placed announced the launch of its out of home (OOH) solution, which delivers the same best in class metrics for digital to the OOH space.