Digging into Programmatic

Published Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016

Digging into Programmatic

Digiday’s Programmatic Summit recently held in New Orleans, LA brought together brands, agencies and technology providers to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing everyone in the Programmatic media ecosystem.

One of the session’s resounding themes was the marketer’s need for increased transparency from their agencies and technology partners. When brands don’t get that transparency it can drive them to bring more of their media efforts in-house. This isn’t a new story. We saw the need for transparency and education as a theme at the RampUp conference earlier this year.

The range of speakers and expertise provided great insights and thought leadership over the course of three days. Here are a few of the helpful pieces of advice given by some of the presenters:

 “Invest money to know your customers and test test test!” – Magda Pivo-Suleweski, marketing manager at Aetna. Aetna’s efforts in programmatic marketing in 2015 led to a 52% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) and an increase in member volume of 76% year over year.

 “Everything has to come back to the revenue and tangible result of what you’re doing. At the end of the day it has to come back to marketing mix analysis.” -- Jeff Rasp, director of digital at Bayer.

 “Data doesn’t help anyone if its trapped in a database that people don’t use or an excel spreadsheet…..Measurement is a big challenge. Ninety five percent of transactions are in store without a direct line into the attribution.” Amy Michaels, head of direct acquisition marketing, T-Mobile

 “Facebook Live is very hot for us right now, blowing through all of our goals.” Amrita Sahasrabudhe, senior manager of social media, PetSmart

“Online is a great way to learn about our audience but it’s not the best way for us to drive sales….Measurement is a big concern, need to get to a point where we can tie back our ROI.” --Kylie Garcia media manager, Macadamia Professional.

In addition to these insights, presenters discussed how the lack of internal collaboration is holding back programmatic spending. Having clear objectives internally and with your partners and understanding what you’re going to use for measurement are key elements to have in place before launching a campaign. And finally, rather than look only at metrics that “fit into a spreadsheet” establish KPIs that will actually impact brand sales.

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