CPGs Test Integrated Solutions and Find it’s not Print or Digital, but Print AND Digital

By Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis
Published Tuesday, May 10, 2016

CPGs Test Integrated Solutions and Find it’s not Print or Digital, but Print AND Digital

Marketers must be open to test and learn as advertisers constantly look for ways to stretch their marketing dollar to drive improved ROI. That is the end goal of any campaign, right?

Three consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers separately tested the impact of print combined with digital to achieve objectives such as extended and targeted reach, increased redemption and sales lift. The proof is in their results.

A co-branded promotion with a major health and beauty CPG and national grocery retailer sought to increase sales and product movement for key health care products. To meet their objectives, shared mail and newspaper inserts targeted around top stores, were overlaid with display ads targeted at the ZIP code level. This combination produced a 32 percent unit lift — 7 points higher than print alone as well as 17.5 percent sales lift — 4 points higher than print alone.

A leading yogurt brand achieved a 51 percent increase in its free-standing insert (FSI) redemption rate in markets where the print ad was supported by digital display. The brand marketers amplified the voice of their FSI by targeting display ads to ZIP codes in select designated marketing areas that also received the FSI. Overall, FSI plus digital drove a 5.2 net point lift in unit sales and 3.8 net point lift in dollar sales vs. markets that received only the FSI.

Similarly, a national gum brand used an integrated plan to drive incremental awareness of an in-store deal of two brands at drug store locations testing the FSI alone vs. combined with digital display. Test market shoppers were served display ads on relevant websites two weeks prior to and the week the FSI dropped to generate awareness and excitement around the offer. Both gum brands saw a 5.2 percent net lift in sales at drug store locations promoted via print and digital.

Overall, these CPG manufacturers drove better results with integrated print and digital solutions. It’s no secret that consumers look in more than one place for deals. Digital is being used to drive brick and mortar traffic and print is complementing digital, heightening awareness. The decision for marketers is not whether it is print or digital, but rather print AND digital. 

Three simple tips to improve ROI:

  • Target audiences based on following their real-world path to purchase;
  • Activate consumers where they are and where they’re going to be using an omni-channel approach; and
  • Continually measure, refine and enhance campaign performance.

Lessons learned can drive ROI as these CPG manufacturers found by evaluating the impact of print and digital. It’s about influencing the buy and activating consumers.