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    Email campaigns are a "must do" in modern marketing

    Our Acquisition Email programs are exclusively focused on building awareness to drive more new customer traffic for your business.

    Key strengths:
    • 100% acquisition-focused media
    • High-quality, current consumer e-mail database
    • Specialty lists for niche consumers
    • Trade-area targeting with ZIP and reach with national scale
    • Industry expertise and turnkey execution
    • Versioning and personalization design services
    • Seamless integration with print media for maximum impact and efficiencies
    • Ability to de-dup against loyalty lists
    • Drive website and store traffic
    • Build brand awareness
    • Drive registrations and offer sign up
    • Learn more about your customers
    • Support other marketing channels
    Reach Your Audience with Precise Targeting
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Presence of children
    • Age of children
    • Gender of children
    • Homeowners
    • Household income
    • Marital status
    • Interests
    • Ailments
    • Lifestyle Hobbies
    • Credit Card type
    • Donor type

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