• Newspaper Ads

    What are the benefits of including newspaper in your advertising plan today and going forward?

    Learn more from our experts.
    Includes newspaper, mail, in-store, digital offers, display, mobile, video and social. Strategically designed to engage and influence your consumers along their path to purchase, it works. Enhancing your advertising accountability and improving results.        
  • Proven Value

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  • Newspaper is the one place consumers
    not only expect to see you, but look
    forward to seeing you

    Why it figures:
    • The newspaper is the leading source for coupon clipping for 49% of consumers*

    Whether you want to build your brand, add new customers, retain current ones or increase traffic, it's the place to be.


    Each type offers a distinct advantage:

    • Coupon Book:  Advertise weekly to millions of households
    • Newspaper Inserts:  High consumer engagement due to relevancy and popularity
    • On-Page Advertising: Engage consumers at the local level in as fast as 24-48 hours
    Source: Scarborough Research, 2011
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