• Target Markets

    Integral to our promise of Intelligent Media Delivery is advanced targeting

    No one matches our combined offline and online data — creating a holistic view of your consumers. With it, we target the exact person you want to reach — nationally or right down the street.

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    Our Targeting works. Find out why.

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    Our targeting goes deeper than most

    Based on your marketing objectives, we develop a profile of your best target, where they live, and the way they respond to incentives.

    • Pinpoint areas of high spending potential while avoiding wasted dollars
    • Only our proprietary IMO Platform (Integrated Media Optimization) integrates and optimizes offline and online media across your markets:
      • Newspaper, Direct Mail and Online
    Key strengths:
    • Uses a wealth of demographic, psychographic and behavioral data sets to define your core audience and their lookalikes
    • Extensive multicultural capabilities identify growth potential for your business
    • Unique sub-ZIP, neighborhood targeting capabilities pinpoints your best customers and ideal prospects
    • All in all, drives increased response and sales