• Coupon Dispenser

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  • Incent and inform shoppers to prompt immediate purchase

    These dispensers deliver value on the spot – right in front of your product.

    • CouponPOP gives out coupons which can be used that day
    • InfoPOP provides leaflets with recipes, offers, product information rebates or sweepstakes
    Key strengths:
    • Drives incremental sales from new and current users
    • Encourages interaction
    • Outside box dedicated to client creative – generating brand awareness
    • Part of RedPlum In-store Portfolio
    Why it figures:
    • 70% of all consumers say coupons influence their grocery purchases
    • CouponPOP historical lift: 18% - 34%
    • InfoPOP historical lift: 7% - 13%
    Source: Prosper MBI™ Study, June 2011 

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