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    Insert yourself into a world of value

    Reach to up to 70 million households weekly with inserts – delivered in the RedPlum Direct Mail Package (a.k.a. Shared Mail) – giving you tremendous flexibility in:

    • Size and format
    • Versioning prices and location
    • Targeting at the ZIP Code or sub-ZIP Code level
    Key strengths:
    • High consumer engagement
    • Saturate markets or target to sub-ZIP Codes
    • Single source for creative, printing, delivery
    • Supply your own inserts or we’ll print for you
    Why it figures:
    • 53% of consumers say they typically look for ad inserts in the mail
    Source: Prosper™ American Pulse Survey, 2010
    Customers who bought this item often buy:
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    Clients prefer our targeting strategy and analysis 2 to 1*

    Valassis’ superior insights, capabilities and proprietary tools ensure you’re reaching your best customers with the right blend of media.
    Source: 2010 TNS

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    Integrated Media Optimization (IMO) compares plans and achieves the best return on your ad spend — revealing the most effective use of direct mail, newspapers and online to drive your business.
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