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    As part of our commitment to Intelligent Media Delivery, we provide proprietary and syndicated resources 24-7.

    As consumer habits and trends rapidly change, Valassis gives you everything you need to stay updated and informed. Highlights include:

    • Recent learnings about consumer demographics
    • Prosper reports highlighting your area of business
    • Calendar of Events
    • Success Stories demonstrating winning marketing programs
    Sneak Peek - Just a few of the updates made this quarter:
    • General Marketing - Prosper Insights & Research
    • GDM - Advertising Readership & Response
    • Food Service- Media Influence

    Directions in Digital

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    Valassis' digital media leaders share knowledge and key insights that will enable marketers to succeed in digital.

    The digital world is moving faster by the day. Consumers are in the lead, and marketers are constantly challenged not only to catch up, but to get one, two and three steps ahead. Marketers and agencies are finding that what was reliable yesterday, is no longer working today. They're on a steep learning curve with the variety of new digital media channels, devices and apps.

    What does the future hold for digital marketing? What can marketers do to optimize targeting, consumer experience, media integration and measurement to ensure they are getting the most out of their marketing initiatives and budget? This webcast will map out corresponding considerations that can guide planning and campaign execution, such as: Data & Privacy; Technology & User Experience; Media Integration

    Find out how Valassis will effectively navigate you through the rapidly evolving media landscape, so you can win in digital for your brand and business.

    Have gas prices impacted shopping behavior?
    Still focusing on needs and deals, but shopping less often

    Approach to Shopping
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    E-tail / retail targeting news

    Insights into how breakthrough analysis of online shopper data could grow both your eCommerce and retail sales.

  • Case Studies

    Learn why clients turn to Valassis when it comes to delivering value.


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