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    Valassis World Headquarters:

    19975 Victor Parkway
    United States of America
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    It’s inspiring to work for a winner. Valassis is proud of the awards we have won that celebrate our culture, business success and innovation. We celebrate these awards as another way to celebrate our associates, ensuring they know the awards are a testament to their talents, creativity and effort.

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  • Want a great place to work?

    Our desire to achieve and to do so in an environment of camaraderie is unparalleled. You can see that when you see our core values of:

    • CLIENT FOCUS – Listen to and delight our clients with great experiences and results.
    • INNOVATION – Learn, change and stretch to transform ourselves and our business.
    • AGILITY – Bring speed and adaptability to everything we do.
    • TEAMWORK – One team working together, celebrating our successes and having fun.
    • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Reflect and embrace differences of all kinds to fuel growth.
    • OWNERSHIP – Take initiative, action and responsibility.
    • PASSION – For our company, our clients and our communities.
    • HONESTY & INTEGRITY – Always do the right thing.

    You'll experience an energetic, innovative, empowering, inclusive, rewarding and dynamic environment filled with challenge, growth, resources and motivated associates who display tremendous passion for delivering results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

    Valassis associates are recognized and rewarded through our special and unique benefits, perks and programs. With

    • Pay-for-performance programs and incentives
    • Quarterly Platinum Performer awards
    • Daily recognition and appreciation

    We know our culture attracts and retains incredible talent. Valassis is dedicated to offering career development to associates. Leadership development and cross-functional job movement are key business strategies for the growth and retention of our top talent.

    We look for individuals who have a track record for exceeding goals -- educational, personal and professional. We seek people with strong educational backgrounds, a solid grasp of the industry, and good experience on the job. We need people who have good customer service experience or have been in client-facing roles.

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    Valassis associates provide exceptional and innovative service to our customers. In response, Valassis strives to find special and unique programs that offer our associates plans that go beyond standard healthcare benefits. Our extraordinary programs are designed to strengthen, empower, appreciate and energize associates and their families.

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    Valassis is a respected leader that empowers our associates. We give everyone a voice, resources to be their best, and incentives to excel. Together, we make a difference by delivering value to our clients, savings to consumers, and reuniting families.

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