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  • How do advertisers
    break out their media?
    If your goal is to drive sales growth and ROI, study
    what media actually influences your consumers to buy.


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    Omni-Channel Media Kit


    Here's a quick reference on proven media, all from one source: Valassis' Intelligent Media Delivery Network. Allows you to reach and activate today's consumers – at scale. Learn more. 


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     Digital Coupon Guide: 10 Best Practices


    Unlike traditional coupons, digital offers have their own intricacies – from expiration dates to layouts to social sharing to targeting and distribution, whether Print@Home or Clip2Card. Learn more.


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    Infographic: Neuromarketing and client case studies

    Awaken your mind and make successful 2016 media plans. See subconscious and real-life responses to print and digital ads. Download results from a Temple University neuromarketing study, as well as client case studies.



    Improve Ad Performance
     Top Ten Creative Tips Guide graphic  


    Here’s a quick reference to help improve ad performance.  Creative = 20% of ad effectiveness. Learn more.


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    Infographic: Coupon Book Best Practices
    5 Best Practices - Coupon Book  


    Based on performance, learn what actually works when creating your coupon offer. Tips on best layout, value and tactics for attracting new/lapsed customers, launching new products and boosting circulation. Download yours.



  • Targeting 

    Start targeting Consumer Trade Areas (CTAs) to grow your sales
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    Busy consumers are spending money on the run, away from home, and if you are only targeting Retail Trade Areas (RTAs), you're missing out.

    • 49% of working women are making millions of trips to grocery stores between Monday and Friday1
    • Americans eat out at lunch 2X per week2
    That's just a glimpse. See how CTA can help you capture incremental customers.

    Sources: 1Workplace Impact survey, 2014; 2VISA Lunch Spending Survey, 2013