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    10 Best Practices for Digital Coupon Promotions


    Unlike traditional coupons, digital offers have their own intricacies – from expiration dates to layouts to social sharing to targeting and distribution, whether Print@Home or Clip2Card.


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    Grocer reverses sales trend with more effective, mail delivery of store circulars  


     Direct Mail

    Client switches partner and reverses the trend of negative sales. Drives immediate lift in customer counts. 

    Media: Direct Mail

    Industry: Grocery Retailer


    Digital trends infographic – apply the findings, grow your sales


    Rising trends: Digital, social, mobile, infographic

    New shopper marketing study reveals that nearly 71% of consumers search online for a coupon after hearing about it on social media. Learn more about rising digital trends from infographic.




    Male coupon users pose massive opportunity  


     Fellow Coupon Users Infographic

    Guess who's shopping for groceries and household supplies more often than their mates? See stats — including what tactics activate these print and digital coupon studs — in infographic.


    Franchisee adds digital display to drive traffic for NFL GameDay  

     football food display

    Geographic and contextual targeting proved powerful. Display campaign outscores restaurant industry CTR

    Media: Display Advertising

    Industry: Restaurant


  • Franchisee adds digital display to drive traffic for NFL GameDay

    "Adding digital is a low-cost way for us to get more impressions in the marketplace and propel our customers along their path to purchase," says restaurant Marketing Director. View video for full story.